Autumn's Food Pantry REOPENING!: New revised schedule from 2:30p-4:30p on the last Thursday of the month

Autumn's Food Pantry REOPENING!

New revised schedule from 2:30p-4:30p on the last Thursday of the month

Our Emerald Hometown Hero August 2021: Ron Weaver

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Hometown Heroes

Congratulations to RON WEAVER for being the Emerald Hometown Hero for the month of August!
Ron’s Bio:
I grew up in Lancaster and I’m the youngest of 5 children. My Father was an electrician and my Mother was a homemaker. My oldest brother Ed (Arizona), Brenda (Lancaster), Pam (Lancaster), Pat (Lancaster), and I grew up in Lancaster City (New Street) and being Roman Catholic, we spent a great deal of time at St. Anne’s Church and Lancaster Catholic High School. My father did everything for the church from counting money each week from the offering to stringing lights for the carnival. We had a great example with my parents of giving back to the community, either through working with the church or with people in need.
I’m married to Kathe (Sherts) Weaver, and we have 4 children: twins, Samantha (31) and Ronnie (31), Robby (26) and Maddie (18). Maddie is going to my alma mater, West Chester University, this fall. We have lived in Lititz near the airport for the last 22 years. We have four grandchildren: Nora, Eloise, Paisley and Brennan.
After graduation from West Chester University, I started working for Garret Buchanan Paper Company (1981). I started in sales selling business products in Central Pa. I worked with them for 15 years before working for 2 or 3 other businesses. In 1999, I opened Weaver Associates, Inc. in Lancaster, specializing in printing, office equipment and information process supplies. We have grown to 20 people and have over 600 customers in Central Pa. We pride ourselves on treating every customer as our only customer no matter what the size of the company. We have worked diligently with the Lancaster Chamber and have been involved with them since 1999. From the Chamber shows each year and promoting “buy local,” we have been an advocate to support local businesses in Lancaster County. We pride ourselves with working with our local partners to be successful together.
I have worked diligently with our local Catholic Schools. I have served on the Board of Directors of St. Anne’s School for 10 years and President for 4 years. At Lancaster Catholic, I have been the golf coach for the past 7 years (2016 State Champions) and have chaired the Legacy Golf tournament at Lancaster Catholic for the last few years.
I’m currently the President of the Lancaster County Golf Association. We support local golf and run tournaments for amateur golfers in Lancaster County.
My passion away from work is golf. Everyone who knows me knows this is my passion. I still compete at 62 and play as often as I can. My greatest accomplishment in my golf career is winning the Jake Gittlen Cancer Research Golf Tournament. Joe Besecker asked me to play with him in this event. He told me this is a great tournament to win and help support cancer research. I did win, but I also learned that golf introduces you to great people. Warren Gittlen, the founder, and Joe Besecker are great examples of supporting great nonprofits and showing that giving is much better than taking. Thanks, Jeb, for introducing me to Warren Gittlen. This tournament changed my life and I was so proud to be a very small part of the mission to help raise money for cancer research.
My biggest personal contribution has been to the student athletes at Lancaster Catholic. I’m most proud of our players that have gone on to be successful men and women. The time spent with these young adults has helped me be the best person I can be because they always teach me more than I can ever teach them. I feel I was placed on this earth to work with young adults and help them dream and do everything in their power to meet their dreams. It has been a glorious ride for the last 7 years and I can’t wait for all the years to come, to see what else I can learn from our future leaders.
My greatest business achievement is our company. My goal when I started was to hire a person every year in business. We only have 20 people but if it wasn’t for the pandemic, we would be right on schedule. Our team is dedicated to serving our customers. We talk about, and try every day, to exceed our customers’ expectations. We do this most of the time but the goal is to keep trying to exceed and move forward. We have learned that serving our customers with a great experience will bring them back to you. I’m a lucky man and understand that each day is a gift and I try to say thank you every day to each person at the office. I truly appreciate all the team does to make us successful and without them, we are nothing. You will see on the back of our shirts, “We’ve Got Your Back” and we honestly believe that we have your back and take great pride in this. Hard to believe we have been around for 22 years. One last note, without the support of my wife, Kathe, our business would not be successful. She has motivated me when I needed motivation, kicked me in the butt when I needed it, and most importantly, she sacrificed herself so I could run all over Central Pa promoting our business. I could never thank her enough for her support and love.

Weaver Associates works with over 50 local nonprofits locally, supporting their efforts with substantial discounts on the printing projects we do for them. We donate 25% of profits back to the nonprofits.
Emerald Foundation
Jake Gittlen Cancer Research
A Woman’s Concern Lancaster
Landis Homes Retirement Community
St Anne’s Home
St. Anthony’s
St. John Neumann
Lancaster Catholic High School
Attolla – Children Deserve a Chance Foundation
Adopt-A-Family Christmas Program

Phone: 717-394-5009

The Emerald Hometown Hero award was created in 2015 in partnership with the Lancaster Barnstormers to recognize and honor outstanding individuals in our local community who have worked to make Lancaster and our world a better place through hard work, inspiration, sacrifice and leadership.