With a focus on education, youth, and healthcare, we strive to bring the community together.


Our goal is to first get the community engaged and involved. The more perspectives and new information that is shared the better the outcome or solution.


Once someone is involved one way we hope to help is through education.


Education will lead to empowerment. Our goal is to increase the degree of autonomy and self-determination in people and in communities.


Everyone is welcome at the E and to try to serve everyone’s needs in the community is fundamental to our success.

Vision Statement

Engage the community and non-profit organizations in a way that will Enrich and Empower. Everyone is welcome at the E.

Mission Statement

With a focus on supporting education, helping youth and promoting health and safety awareness, we strive to create a thriving community by providing:

  • Develop programming to fill unmet community needs.
  • Opportunities for diverse citizens to meet and learn from one another through lectures, programs, clubs, exhibits, etc.
  • Rental subsidies and collaborative programming opportunities for non-profits.

Joe's Vision

Joe Besecker strongly believes in giving back to the community and that is why he created the Emerald Foundation as part of Emerald Asset Management in 2010 as a way to give back.


In September of 2016 the Emerald Foundation purchased a 30,000 square foot building in Lancaster, PA, now called The Emerald Foundation Community Campus (EFCC) or the E. The Emerald Foundation is focusing its resources on making the E a collaborative hub for non-profits and a community center. With a focus on education, youth and health, we strive to bring the community together.


Since then, the Emerald Foundation has grown to become a hub for community engagement, educational enrichment, and empowerment for everyone as it develops new programming, and expands existing programming, to meet the needs in the community.

Discover Our Initiatives

We meet the needs of our community through various non-profit initiatives.