With a focus on education, youth, health, and safety awareness, we strive to bring the community together.


The more perspectives and new information that is shared, the better the outcome or solution. Our most important goal is to ENGAGE the community in supporting education, helping youth, and promoting health and safety awareness.


We work together to help support and ENRICH local and national non-profit organizations by offering reduced rents for shared office, meeting and event space, and by developing our own programming and services to fill the unmet needs in our community.


The path to EMPOWERMENT is through education. The E fosters learning through its six Initiatives by promoting many collaborative approaches in addressing community needs.


We create and nurture opportunities for our diverse citizens to meet and learn from one another. Whether that be through the support of existing non-profits by subsidizing rent or by creating our own programming, we are making a space that is welcoming to EVERYONE who needs it.

Vision Statement

ENGAGE conveners, community resources and advocates

ENRICH through education and career development

EMPOWER by claiming knowledge, skills, confidence and opportunity

EVERYONE has an equal voice; all are welcome

Mission Statement

Moving local and national communities forward in education, youth development, safety and awareness through innovative STEM-inspired platforms, while promoting a culture of inclusivity and meeting the needs of the underserved.

Core Values

“We are different from the rest”

1) We are expedient and thorough in our responses to local needs

2) We are willing to front costs to prove value of needs and responses

3) Once proven needs and responses are successfully operational, only then are requests made for sustainability and development funding; statistics, past history, results and improvements are well documented, making investments virtually risk-free and a “win, win” for everyone.

Joe's Vision

Joe Besecker strongly believes in giving back to the community and that is why he created the Emerald Foundation as part of Emerald Asset Management in 2010 as a way to give back.


In September of 2016 the Emerald Foundation purchased a 30,000 square foot building in Lancaster, PA, now called The Emerald Foundation Community Campus (EFCC) or the E. The Emerald Foundation is focusing its resources on making the E a collaborative hub for non-profits and a community center. With a focus on education, youth and health, we strive to bring the community together.


Since then, the Emerald Foundation has grown to become a hub for community engagement, educational enrichment, and empowerment for everyone as it develops new programming, and expands existing programming, to meet the needs in the community.

Discover Our Initiatives

We meet the needs of our community through various non-profit initiatives.