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Infusing learning into esports to help cultivate stronger skills sets in communication, collaboration and critical thinking. Students gain exposure to STEM, career exploration and workforce development.

Emerald Esports focuses on helping students understand their natural abilities (competencies) and enhancing them to become better prepared for a career. We serve middle school, high school and young adult populations.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education awarded The Emerald Foundation a $500,000 grant for its “Supporting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Esports” initiative to bridge the gap between the highest and lowest performing students through engaging instruction, ongoing opportunities for team collaboration, creative problem-solving, and competitive fair play.

Community Voices

“Esports has given many of our players a place to belong in our school. We have seen growth in soft skills and academic performances across the board.”

Matthew Fox

Assistant Principal Conestoga Valley

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Through your support of Esports, students are enabled to learn and grow in a new way.