Sports Safety Initiative Launch Party: Join us January 28th, 2020 from 7p-9p for an evening focused on youth, education and health awareness.

Sports Safety Initiative Launch Party

Join us January 28th, 2020 from 7p-9p for an evening focused on youth, education and health awareness.

Our Initiatives

Emerald Foundation's own non-profit initiatives exist to support unmet needs in the community.

Why we started our own initiatives:


Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell notes that relative to other countries, the educational system of the United States is stagnated.

Autumns Food Pantry

There are over 50,000 food insecure people in Lancaster.

"Access to Opportunities" After School Program

The population of families in poverty in Manheim Township alone has grown from 10% to 30% of about 5000 students over the last 10 years alone.

Rise 'N Shine Program for Adults with Disabilities

It’s estimated that as many as 8 million Americans, approximately 3% of the population, have intellectual disabilities.

Emerging Artist

As school district budgets tighten, the arts are the first to appear on the chopping block.

Sports Safety

Every year in the United States there are more than 3.8 million sports-related concussions.

Community Engagement

Local programs improve community health.

Rental Subsidies

Surveys of major cities show that less than 20% of non-profits own their office space which makes them subject to the unpredictability of the commercial real estate market.

Across North American and around the globe, thousands of communities, philanthropic groups, and government and private sector leaders are investing in non-profit shared services and building projects to promote healthy and vibrant communities. With a focus on youth, education, and health we curate specialized programming to fit the unmet needs of Lancaster County.

The Emerald Foundation Community Campus has become a center where everyone is welcome and our diverse community can come together to meet and learn from one another through our own non-profit initiatives, community programs, our Rental Subsidy Program, and events.

Community Voices

“Esports has given many of our players a place to belong in our school. We have seen growth in soft skills and academic performances across the board.”

Matthew Fox

Assistant Principal, Conestoga Valley

Support Our Community’s Needs

Through your support of the Emerald Foundation, our community gains the power to change the world.