Every community has a need.

Discovering what they are and who they affect are crucial to building a thriving community.

We create and nurture opportunities for our diverse citizens to meet and learn from one another. Whether that be through the support of existing non-profits by subsidizing rent or by creating our own programming, we are making a space that is welcoming to all who need it.

We exist to serve the needs we see around us.

It is our goal at the Emerald Foundation to engage and empower our neighbors so that everyone’s lives may be enriched.

About Us

We serve all of these needs under one roof. Welcome to the E.

We partner with institutions and individuals like you to create long-term solutions.

Community Campus

With a focus on supporting education, helping youth, and promoting health and safety awareness, we work together to help support local and national non-profit organizations by offering reduced priced shared office, meeting and event space, and developing our own programming and services to fill the unmet needs in our community.

Dare to be great.

We rely on the generosity of our friends, colleagues, and neighbors to make this dream of giving back to those who deserve it a reality.