Autumn's Food Pantry REOPENING!: New revised schedule from 2:30p-4:30p on the last Thursday of the month

Autumn's Food Pantry REOPENING!

New revised schedule from 2:30p-4:30p on the last Thursday of the month

Sports Safety Initiative Launch Party

Hosted by

Emerald Foundation & Defend Your Head

Focusing on youth, education & health awareness

Date & Time



January 28, 2020
9:00 pm


Emerald Foundation Community Campus

2120 Oregon Pike
Lancaster, PA 17601

The Emerald Foundation, in alliance with Defend Your Head, is hosting an event to spread awareness of proprietary protective head technology available to helmet wearing athletes. While currently focusing on the sport of football, the ultimate goal is to have this technology available to all sports utilizing a protective helmet. This event ties into the Emerald Foundation’s mission to focus on youth, health and education awareness.

– Meet the team at Defend Your Head along with guest speakers, Lisa Ertz and Tim Bream.

– Lisa Ertz, Director of the Safety Alliance at Defend Your Head, is the mother of Philadelphia Eagles tight end, Zach Ertz. She also has three other sons: a college baseball pitcher, a recent graduate of Cal-Berkeley, and a son whose college playing career was cut short by multiple concussions. As a mom possessing first-hand experience with the risks and rewards of playing football, Lisa has a unique and valuable perspective on the issues associated with the sport and the importance of making it safe for everyone who wants to play and for other mom’s out there who share her concern. Her singular focus is on making the game safe first which will in turn save the game.
Read her heartfelt letter to all moms of football players here:

– Tim Bream, Head Athletic Trainer for the DC Defenders of the XFL and former Penn State Head Athletic Trainer, who coordinated and directed the three year Penn State Study involving the effects of impact acceleration in football with and without the use of ProTechs.

here is a link to his study:.