Emerald Foundation Initiative, Autumn’s Pantry, In-house Food Distribution Is Now Closed

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Autumn's Food Pantry

Dear Friends of the Emerald Foundation,

Sadly, it has become apparent after the first of the year 2023, we will not continue to run our in-house pantry (Autumn’s Pantry) at the Emerald Foundation Community Campus.  While Autumn’s Pantry will remain one of our initiatives, it will operate under a renewed format other than a physical operation for food distribution.

Autumn’s Pantry was originally the concept of two grade-school-age sisters, Autumn and Savannah Mertz, intent on changing the world, one meal at a time.  Having made Meals-on-Wheels deliveries with their mother when they were younger, the two became interested in how to address food insecurity.  In 2018, with Autumn’s detailed food bank concept and Savannah’s original artwork for the logo, the original Autumn’s Pantry began at the Emerald Foundation Community Campus.  Open year round, it originally operated twice a month.  Over the years, Autumn’s Pantry has impacted numerous families throughout Lancaster County and we are grateful to have had the opportunity to serve others in need.  Stay tuned to see how Autumn’s Pantry continues in the future.

Happy Holidays!

Martha Besecker

Executive Director of the Emerald Foundation