Our Emerald Hometown Hero: Angilee R.

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Hometown Heroes

Angilee Ramos is studying to be a nurse. Based on what happened on May 27, she is going to be an outstanding one. The LCCTC student was heading to class when she came across a one-vehicle accident on Willow Street Pike and Musser Avenue. While most motorists would have ignored the situation and gone on their merry way, and a few might have dialed 9-1-1, Ramos stopped to see if she could be of assistance.

What she found was a 92-year-old gentleman, scared and bleeding from the arm. Not only that, but the car itself was in a precarious spot, not far from tumbling down an embankment. She was able to apply the parking brake to help secure the car’s position. She also applied pressure to the wound while providing comfort to the driver.

When first responders arrived, Ramos was able to assess the situation in great detail, providing the necessary information to care for this elderly motorist, who refers to Ramos as “his angel.”

On July 13, Ramos was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for her compassion and bravery by the West Lampeter Police Department. She is also being lauded by the Barnstormers and Emerald Asset Management as a true Hometown Hero on August 14.