Our Emerald Hometown Hero: Kayleah S.

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Hometown Heroes

Kayleah Saylor is 13 years old, an artist, and an ambassador for A&E Hearing Connection in Lancaster, PA. She is passionate about helping others get the hearing aids they need. Kayleah was born with hearing loss and was unable to get the health care she needed until 8 years of age. Prior to getting hearing aids, she struggled in social settings and participating in conversations. Once she received hearing aids, there was a dramatic improvement in her quality of life and she wanted to share this experience with others like her.

She is spreading the word on how hearing loss impacts people and wants to help people like herself get hearing aids, because she knows how hearing can change the quality of life for people. Kayleah has volunteered in the community since the age of 8 and has advocated for the hearing impaired from a young age. A&E Hearing Connection’s mission is to restore hearing for those affected by hearing impairment by providing hearing aids and hearing health care.