Our Emerald Hometown Heroes: Autumn and Savannah M.

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Autumn's Food Pantry, Hometown Heroes

Autumn and Savannah Mertz, ages 9 and 11, are students at Lititz Christian School and are two young ladies who are changing their world.

At the ages of 6 and 8, they started making Meals-on-Wheels deliveries with their mom. The reality of food insecurity took root, and the two became sincerely interested in helping any way they could.

Their ideas-in-action started with giving up birthday and Christmas gifts to ask for money to purchase food backpacks for local students, donate to worldwide hunger projects, and provide mosquito nets to African children at risk. Their ideas keep expanding and they have bigger plans yet to come.

Autumn and Savannah are very honored to be part of the solution to feed the hungry in Lancaster through Autumn’s Pantry. No one should go hungry. We can solve food insecurity if we work together. Please help by making a donation to Autumn’s Pantry.