Our Emerald Hometown Heroes October 2021: Rick & Jessica Rodgers

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Hometown Heroes

Congratulations to RICK & JESSICA RODGERS for being the Emerald Hometown Hero for the month of October!

Rick and Jessica are long-time volunteers and supporters of the community.  In 2016, they were chosen as the first recipients of the Susan C. and Gerald C. Eckert Service and Philanthropy Award at Millersville University. They are guided by their Christian faith which teaches that we are called to “Love your neighbor as yourself”.  Their philanthropy focuses on supporting organizations that provide food, clothing, shelter, and transportation, with a path for people to become self-sufficient. Rick & Jessica are probably best known for their support of the annual Extraordinary Give which began in 2013.  The Lancaster County Food Hub, Hospice & Community Care, Tenfold, UDS, and United Way of Lancaster County are a few of the organizations they have supported for several years.  For their contributions to the community, they also received the Central Penn Business Journal’s 2016 Spirit of Philanthropy Award and were chosen by Water Street Ministries as the 2019 Restorer of the City award recipients.

The Emerald Hometown Hero award was created in 2015 in partnership with the Lancaster Barnstormers to recognize and honor outstanding individuals in our local community who have worked to make Lancaster and our world a better place through hard work, inspiration, sacrifice and leadership.